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Diplomatic Service

Diplomatic Parcels

We offer Diplomatic services that ensure maximum privacy and security for your goods.

This is a service where your package is not exposed to constance stop, open and check at various borders and custom facilities.

Before your package is shipped with Diplomatic Service, its must be scanned and checked at the shipping point office to ensure the malpractice of Illegal good Transfer from one country to another.

Diplomatic packaging involves approval and authentication from the government of the sending country and the availability of the parcel to be shipped.

Requirements for Diplomatic Service

A photocopy of your ID card or Passport or Drivers license.

Full address of the Receiver, Phone number and Email.

Physical availability of goods to be shipped.

A Stamped receipt of and 95% refundable insurance paid in a legally registered insurance company associated with the country where the parcel is shipped from.

Refundable Insurance

Each Diplomatic parcel is guaranteed with a refundable insurance, NOT depending on the weight or size of the package but depending on the importance of the package. The insurance will be 95% refunded to the client in case the package arrives in good shape.

In the case where the package is compromised or destroyed in the transit, The insurance company in charge will take full responsibility, alongside paying damages caused my mishandling or unforeseen circumstances leading to the compromise.

The refunds will be carried out in cash, refunded alongside the package delivery at its required destination.